“I would urge businesses to attend the workshops run by RCS – they are free and extremely useful, and will benefit any company, no matter the size. Anything that helps keep people in work and sickness levels down has to be a good thing for the national economy as it improves our country’s efficiency  – that’s a win all round.”

Martin Topps, HR and security manager, Roberts of Port Dinorwic

“The whole service works very well. I have recommended it to several others. My condition was such that I had little hope of being able to accomplish a huge variety of demanding work engagements and life challenges in these past few months. Thanks to the service I have had the support and treatment which has made me capable of managing it all. Many thanks to all involved.”

Client, In Work Support

“RCS’s In Work Support Service has been a powerful tool in helping our patients locally. It has provided early, very accessible interventions, which I’m sure has prevented many patients developing long term problems. As a GP I would find it extremely challenging if I couldn’t offer this service to my patients. I sincerely hope the service can continue at the same level.”

Dr Jane Bellamy, GP Partner Madryn House Surgery

“I think that the In Work Support Service is invaluable – and I could not have afforded to pay for it myself. It has helped me stay in work.  There was someone there for me, to listen to me. I usually listen to everybody else. I now feel more confident in work and feel I would be able to take on more hours if they were available. I also feel more assertive. I would highly recommend the service.”

Client, In Work Support

“I received excellent speedy service from the scheme, which is fundamental to getting better and therefore back to a normal pain free condition. All the scheme members I dealt with were extremely focused on my needs and desire to rid myself of pain, put in my place preventative measures to prevent reoccurrence and get me back to work. I would highly recommend the scheme.. in light of the excellent care and service it provides.”

Client, In Work Support