How are we doing?

  • We have seen 1836 clients from December 2015 to August 2017
  • 291 were off work when they entered the service
  • 1545 were in work with a health condition that was making it difficult for them to cope

Clients by area





  • 70% had a musculoskeletal condition such as back, hip or shoulder pain that was stopping them from working effectively 70%
  • 84% heard about the service from their GP 84%
  • 90% of clients rated the service as 5 out of 5 90%
  • 95% of clients said they would recommend the service to others 95%
  • 27% had a mental health issue, such as low mood, anxiety or stress which was affecting them in work 27%
  • 9% heard about the service from their employer 9%
  • 90% of clients reported a positive health outcome upon leaving the service 90%

It’s an amazing service allowing you to feel in control of improving your health. The system was efficient and presented as a caring environment that dealt with me personally.

I can highly recommend the service. They take time to listen to you and plan a course of action for you. They put you in touch with local help. It has made a big impact as I am now symptom free and not having to take time off work.

This service was easy to access and I appreciated the knowledgeable guidance of the case coordinator to identify the appropriate support. The service itself was flexible, forward-looking and solution-focussed, and  I now feel more confident, positive and able to cope with difficult challenges. This has been a life-changing experience for which I am very grateful – I have already enthusiastically recommended it to others.

I can’t thank the service enough for supporting me through the most painful trauma I have had.

My thoughts are just ‘wow’. After suffering for so long, I am now on the NERS scheme to continue my exercise. I received second-to-none treatment, I am totally pain-free, I really can’t recommend this enough. Thank you for everything.

I had six hours of counselling, which really gave me time and space to express my feeling and emotions and challenge a rut of negative thinking patterns. This almost immediately led to an increase in confidence, which propelled me to seeking more hours in work.

The service was massively beneficial to me. The support and care given by the team from first contact to final assessment was excellent. I am now more able to carry out my job, and have a good opportunity to continue with improvements already made to my back problem. I would not be in the happy place I am today without you.

Their approach, speed of response and quality of therapists is fantastic. I don’t doubt for a moment that I would not have been able to remain in work or resolve the issues as quickly without the support received, for which I am very grateful.

The service I have received has been excellent. I have new understanding on how to deal with certain situations at work which were getting me down.