We provide a range of services to support people with health barriers to enter, sustain and flourish in employment.

Our key interventions are aimed at supporting employed people who are on or at risk of sickness absence from work, and at helping unemployed people whose health presents a barrier to them entering employment.

Through our creative partnership with the School of Psychology at Bangor University, we are pioneering interventions which blend positive psychology and behaviour change techniques with employment support to help improve wellbeing and employability.

We are also championing wellness at work, reducing absence and driving health improvements by supporting companies and their employees to take a proactive approach to staff wellbeing.

We provide an accessible, responsive service and person-centred, empathetic support through our friendly team of skilled and experienced staff.

Since 2007, we have:



Supported over 3,000 people to retain their employment following a period of sickness absence.


Helped over 600 people into sustained employment


Created nearly 500 supported employment opportunities for those furthest from the labour market


Created over 50 new businesses


Engaged over 2,000 individuals in training or activities to improve their employment prospects